Alison is delighted to announce the launch of our Digital Marketing Hub, a fantastic free online resource with everything you need to either upskill in key marketing areas or launch your career from scratch. The hub features our top recommended courses on subjects like social media strategy and online advertising, as well as helpful FAQs and links to useful articles that will expand your marketing knowledge. 

Digital marketing is a crucial element to any industry with an online presence. Skilled digital marketers are in high demand and can take advantage of this situation to work across a broad range of diverse and interesting sectors. To mark the launch of the hub, we’ve put together a selection of five of our top digital marketing courses, as well as three exciting career opportunities in this flourishing industry. 

1. Digital Marketing Overview

This course is the perfect place to begin your digital marketing education. It covers a wide variety of online marketing strategies, including website, email and social media campaigns. You’ll also learn about the various different online platforms at your disposal, which you can leverage into effective marketing campaigns. Because this course is so comprehensive, it’s also a great resource for refreshing your knowledge if you feel the need to remind yourself of some key elements of digital marketing.

2. Introduction to Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing and advertising are not one and the same. Advertising begins with your product, while effective marketing needs to procede your entry into the marketplace. Marketing is about identifying your customer base, effectively defining your product’s Unique Value Propositions and deciding whereabouts in the market to pitch your product and company. This course guides you through all of these crucial early stages of marketing your business.

3. Marketing Through the Internet and Social Media

The internet, and social media in particular, has radically changed the world of business. Access to data means that companies can now target their desired customers with pinpoint accuracy. This changes the nature of marketing because brands no longer need to worry about broad appeal in the same way as before. This course teaches you  everything you need to know about targeted ads, as well as covering the dos and don’ts of posting on various social media platforms.

4. The Complete Social Media Marketing Course

This really is the complete guide to social media marketing. The course covers all of the major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as looking at the specifics of video marketing on YouTube. The course also takes in often neglected, but incredibly valuable, social media channels such as Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each platform requires a specific strategy and comes with its own set of best practices. You’ll also learn how avoid the marketing pitfalls that are unique to each medium.

5. Tourism – Marketing and Promotion

Now that the world is opening back up again, travel companies, airlines, hotels and resorts are all competing for our attention online. To stand out in the tourism sector, it’s crucial to understand the needs and expectations of your customer base. When booking a holiday, most people will be juggling a variety of priorities – travel, accommodation, petsitting – so it’s important that you make your part of the experience appear as simple and as accessible as possible.


To convert your newly gained digital marketing expertise into an exciting new career, check out the Alison Career Guide!

Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are in constant demand across all industries, especially since the lockdowns have meant that most companies have been primarily accessing their customers through the internet. A digital marketing skillset will allow you to work horizontally across a range of sectors and build up a varied and impressive portfolio. Another great benefit of working in digital marketing is that you can work from anywhere in the world!

Advertising Copywriter

Effective and concise copy is the lifeblood of any marketing campaign. If you’ve got a way with words then you’ll never be short on work in advertising. Advertising copywriters need to be able to quickly get to grips with the product their employer is selling and be able to persuasively and attractively convey the benefits to the public.

Social Media Manager

If you’ve got a talent for multitasking then this is the job for you! Social media managers need to be able to think laterally and make sure that all of the various channels they’re in charge of are complementing each other and working together to convey the same message. Managing social media is about reinforcing the brand’s identity and products while at the same time, keeping the messaging fresh.

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