Upskilling of any kind is of value and will improve your employability and earning potential. However, certain skills are more in demand than others and if you’re adept at them you can command a higher salary for your services. Knowing which skills are highest on potential employers’ lists of desired skills gives you an edge over your competitors in the job market.

We’ve assembled a list of 6 skills that employers across a range of industries are willing to pay more for because they add value to their companies. By upskilling in these specific skills, you’ll be boosting your CV and drastically raising the salary you can earn for your abilities. If you’re looking to upskill in a way that maximises your earning potential then these are the courses for you!


1. SAP Skills

SAP is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning tools on the market. Enterprise Resource Planning is an essential component to fueling business success in the online marketplace. Developing SAP skills will help you land a position at a company that utilises this software in their business.



2. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is used by global brands such as Airbnb, Twitter and Disney. It offers a robust set of tools that makes website customisation simple and intuitive. It’s also relatively easy to learn and maintain compared to other web frameworks.



3. Facebook Advertising

More than 2.8 billion people use Facebook every month. This means that mastering Facebook Advertising is key in order for brands to thrive on social media. However the advertising landscape changes so fast on Facebook that it can be exceptionally hard to keep up with it all, fuelling the demand for expert advertising professionals.




4. Tableau

These days our online activity generates 50 times more data than was the case a decade ago. With this increasing amount of data comes bigger difficulties in data analysis. As a result, businesses are always on the lookout for experts in easy-to-use data analysis tools like Tableau.



5. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 dominates the Software as a Service market. From implementation and configuration to administration, maintenance and support, the demand for Microsoft 365 administrators and consultants is constantly on the rise.

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