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Paula Guilfoyle is the brains and the driving force behind The Excel Club. A Certified Public Accountant, she has worked across a broad range of industries as an Accountant, Internal Auditor and Financial Controller. Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaches students from around the globe that wish to upskill in Bookkeeping, Accounting, Excel and Power BI.

While working in finance in 2010, Paula noticed a skills gap among accountants in the area of Excel. This motivated her to produce her first Excel course, which was aimed at accounting professionals looking to upskill. This desire to teach soon grew into the enormously successful Excel Club, which now caters to over 90,000 students across 168 different countries. Last year, Paula's expertise and teaching ability won her a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award.

Paula's courses have a twin focus on both Accounting and Excel, as her industry experience has taught her that these skillsets do hand in hand and that if there's one thing that will progress your career as an accountant, it's having amazing Excel skills. Accountants with excellent Excel skills are in very high demand and so all Excel Club courses are orientated towards improving students' employability. You can read more about Paula's thoughts on the importance of continued education on the Alison Blog.