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More Information about Rebecca Murphey

Rebecca Murphey is an independent JavaScript application developer and consultant, the co-host of the yayQuery podcast, a co-organizer of TXJS, a contributor to the jQuery Cookbook from O’Reilly, and the author of the open-source jQuery Fundamentals. She has spoken on emerging JavaScript topics at several conferences, including JSConf.eu 2010 in Berlin. She does most of her development with the Dojo Toolkit.

She is a JavaScript application developer and consultant working to help clients write client-side applications that treat JavaScript as a rich and powerful language. She is the co-host of the yayQuery podcast, the organizer of the TXJS, a contributor to the jQuery Cookbook from O'Reilly, and the author of jQuery Fundamentals. She is also active in trying to get more women to participate in the tech community.

As part of her commitment to the ALISON mission of free learning worldwide, Rebecca has made available her popular course for free access on ALISON. Successful graduates of this course can download a Certificate of Completion for the courses at a nominal cost. The service continues to evolve with new content being added daily.