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More Information about Executive Finance

Blair Cook and Jennifer Nicholson, together Executive Finance, are both Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with over 25 years experience. Besides working as accounting professionals and boardroom executives in a wide variety of sectors, Blair and Jennifer have also taught university level accounting courses and professional programmes. With over a decade of experience in online earning, they came together to form Executive Finance in 2016.

Executive Finance distinguish themselves from other online educators in that they are "academic practitioners" - they practice what they teach in their own workplaces and so can offer students an education with a real time, real world merit. Their courses aim to add value to accounting employees working today.

By drawing on their own far-reaching industry experience and utilising real life situations and case studies, Blair and Jennifer's courses teach the executive qualities necessary for career advancement. Besides their central focus on accounting, they also cover the skills you need to make it to the boardroom, including operations management, strategic planning and business development. Check out the Alison Blog to read Blair and Jennifer's interview on how they inspire learners to take control of their own careers.