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Alison depends on advertising to support its free services. What we make on advertising is directly related to traffic to our website, and one of the biggest drivers of traffic are links to us from other websites. Please consider whether you are in the position to place a link to the Alison website.

Examples of Links:

Organisations link to Alison for various reasons:

Schools & Colleges – link to Alison to provide to their staff and students a free online learning resource.

Libraries – link to Alison to provide their visitors free access to courses – often for self-development purposes.

Businesses – link to Alison to help empower their workforces and keep their organisations competitive.

Community – link to Alison to strengthen and empower their members, often these are local regional groups, some faith-based.

Special Interest Groups – link to Alison for courses of specific interest, could be learning about drones, software or learning English.

Government – links from government publicly supporting free learning and for their own staff training purposes.

Press – links to Alison when referring to Alison in articles about free education and skills training.

Whatever organisation you are connected to, have a think as to whether the Alison website can be linked – and talk to us please!

Do you have any questions?

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