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We are experimenting with setting up Twitter Regional Volunteer accounts and creating an Alison Twitter Army worldwide. We are starting at country level e.g. AlisonIndia e.g. AlisonSouthAfrica. We want to give followers of Alison another platform to receive more information about Alison, Free Learning, Empowerment – with a local flavour!

As a Regional Volunteer you will be able to:

  • Promote #Alisoncourses daily
  • Build a local following by tweeting and retweeting relevant Empowerment/Alison related stories
  • Identify local issues of interest for your followers

In return:

  • You will be recognised as an Alison Social Media Volunteer
  • Earn discounts for certificate purchases
  • Be part of a community promoting empowerment locally and globally

Interested in joining the Alison Twitter Army?

Please email [email protected] with a brief outline of who you are, where you are from, and how you would approach the role of Twitter Regional Volunteer.

[email protected]