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What Great Leaders Do

Learn leadership skills and styles from great leaders with this leadership training course.

Publisher: Stanford
This free online what great leaders do course features Bob Sutton, a professor of management science at the Stanford University School of Engineering and a researcher in the field of evidence-based management. You will learn about the great need for leaders to hear the truth and the most appropriate ways to deal with team disagreements. You will also study the hallmarks of great leaders, the habits of those who fail to lead, and more!
What Great Leaders Do
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If you want to improve your leadership skills, or become a business professional leading a team, or simply want to unlock your leadership potential, you will learn a lot from this online leadership course. Along with teaching you how to remove rotten apples from your organization to ensure the health of your team, this course will also teach you the best way to wage war against an ineffective leader.

The course will also guide you through the best habits of effective managers and the worst habits of those who fail to lead. You will gain an understanding of why the best bosses work hard to remain in-tune with those they manage. You’ll learn the consequences of bosses not paying the right attention to their employees, and discover the three things that cause power poisoning.

Finally, you will learn the hallmarks and strategies of smart in-tune bosses and why managers often find it difficult to hear the truth. You will also gain strategies for dealing with team disagreements, and learn how to spot if a prospective boss will be pleasant and effective. So, start the course now and master the art of telling an ineffective manager what you really think.

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