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Understanding Systems Analysis

Learn more about structured system analysis for investigating problems and identifying solutions with this course.

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This free online Systems Analysis course will teach you how to meet your organization’s informational, operational, and management requirements when reengineering a process. Systems analysis is the methodical investigation of a problem and the identification and ranking of alternative solutions to the problem. With this course, you will learn how to develop information systems in an efficient and effective manner.
Understanding Systems Analysis
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Systems development consists of the steps undertaken to create, modify, or maintain an organization’s Information System. With this course, you will learn about systems development and the systems development life cycle(SDLC). You will study the key points of ISO-9000-3 and Capability Maturity Model and look into business process engineering which addresses all of the processes in the organization, including the information systems processes. This course will also discuss change management and the users' participation in development and change processes.

A systems survey is initiated when an organization’s IT strategic plan prescribes a development or when a user requests the development or modification of a new system. This course will discuss a system survey and outline its goals. You will study the three aspects of feasibility and learn why there is a need for obtaining approvals. This course will also discuss the structure of Systems Analysis, its goals, and the studies carried out within it.

This course will carefully guide you through systems development by showing you how to determine a reported problem existence and nature. Once you learn how to determine the scope of the problem, you will be able to propose a course of action that might solve the problem as well as determine the feasibility of any proposed development. So, check out the course today and start learning how to find more feasible solutions to the problems in your organization.

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