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Introduction to Data Visualization

Learn how to visualize raw data and build insightful dashboards with Google Data Studio in this free online course.

Publisher: SkildLabs
This free online course will show you how to execute powerful data visualization utilizing Google Data Studio. We'll show you how to design compelling reports for clients, internal stakeholders, partners or whoever your target audience might be. We'll equip you to use data connectors and tables, create dynamic filters and blend different data sources. You'll also learn to utilize the CASE and IF statements and and collaborate and share reports.
Introduction to Data Visualization
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    3-4 Hours
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In this free, online Data Visualization course, we’ll show you how to visualize raw data and operate Google Data Studio, which can help you drive business results for your clients, partners or employers. The course aims to strike a balance between the foundations of data visualization and a few hands-on practical examples that provide insight into the capabilities of Google Data Studio. We will start with an introductory view of key concepts such as aggregation, data schemas, tables and calculated fields. Next, we will dive into more complex concepts such as data blending, advanced date selection and regular expressions. If you are a marketer, business owner, agency professional, data analyst or anyone who wants to explore the world of data visualization, then feel free to join us on the journey! By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge and tools you need to design compelling reports to share with different stakeholders.

By the time you’ve completed this course, you will be able to use and understand the core chart types in Google Data Studio, like Tables, Time Series, Geo charts, Scorecards and more. You will also know how to connect data sources such as Google Analytics and Google Sheets using their respective connectors. In addition to this, we are going deep dive into creating custom dimensions and metrics with conditional expressions such as CASE + REGEXP_MATCH and CASE + IN and apply IF statements, using operators for different computations. The second module deals with more complex aspects, and you are going to learn how to combine data from multiple data sources by blending them and using JOIN keys. We will explore conditional formatting rules to signal data anomalies and apply design tricks such as “Extract a theme from image”. On the collaboration frontier, we will cover report automation with advanced date selection filters and email scheduled delivery. These reports are a valuable way to communicate with external stakeholders. This is why we have created a dedicated section to help you understand the different types of data source and report ownership and credentials in Google Data Studio, which is crucial when working together with team members.

Last but not least, we will conclude the course with a comprehensive assessment using a mix of interactive questions to test how well you have understood the concepts and your ability to retain them. The evaluation includes multiple-choice and true or false questions, matching exercises and an interactive elements selection. Once you have completed the entire course, you will know how to tackle any problem in the world of data visualization. Why wait? Start your journey into data visualization today!

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