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Diploma in the Future of Manufacturing Business

Explore the future of manufacturing as we examine emerging trends and technology in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course hones your understanding of the manufacturing industry. Adjusting to evolving trends can be difficult but this course breaks down emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D printing). We also analyze policies and procedures that can help you consistently meet every manufacturing objective and improve your career. This course lets you predict and take advantage of changes in the world of manufacturing.
Diploma in the Future of Manufacturing Business
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This free online course begins with a discussion of machine intelligence. We lay out its objectives from different perspectives and identify its expectations in terms of modern paradigms. We then investigate the advantages and many applications of Blockchain cryptocurrency. The course then goes through the history of additive manufacturing (AM) and reviews its classifications and applications, including prototyping, tooling, and part repairs. We then examine different AM materials and the parameters that influence their properties. This includes sharp focus on the use of metal powder as an AM material, including its manufacture, process flow-chart, testing techniques and various chemical compositions. We also identify what to consider when selecting the material for AM.

We then conduct a deeper review of AM and analyze two dominant AM processes: the laser powder bed fusion and the vat polymerization process. We break down these two processes and provide detailed examples of each. The course then moves on to design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) as it applies to the system, parts and process of 3D printing. We establish the importance of DFAM with a few case studies. We then study the AM supply chain, covering its advantages, challenges, limitations and various models.

The course delves into laser powder bed fusion, a popular AM method, and examines its parameters, interactions and effects. Then follows a detailed discussion of quality in AM as we go through the requirements concerning production quality that ensure customer satisfaction. We then investigate extrusion-based AM and discuss metal powder characterization, metal injection moulding, powder properties and some challenges facing AM while presenting practical case studies from famous companies. This course sharpens your control of AM and 3D-printing technology and provides advanced capabilities and modern techniques that can drive the future of manufacturing. Sign up to sample the future before it unfolds.

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