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Facilities Management

Master the key skills needed to embark upon a successful career as a facilities manager in this free online course.

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This online course is an excellent choice for individuals interested in the field of facilities management. This course will be helpful whether you are an existing facilities management professional or seek to explore this as a career option. Our ten thought-provoking and interactive topics will deliver all of the skills, knowledge and information you need to kick-start your learning and become an effective and highly skilled facilities manager.
Facilities Management
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An organization consists of people who perform essential business operations and need a safe and comfortable place to perform their duties. Evolving information technology infrastructure and real estate models, in addition to a greater focus on environmental impact, are becoming more integral to the ways we conduct modern business. This raises critical issues such as how best to support an organization and ensuring the perfect quality of support at the right cost. Facilities managers take care of all these areas and can be helpful in offices, hotels, hospitals, educational establishments and many other workplaces. This course outlines comprehensive and detailed knowledge of facilities management as a career opportunity. Investigate the purpose, objectives and role of facilities management and the personal attributes and skills needed to be a facilities manager.

The first module describes the operational and strategic importance of facilities management in an organization. We explain the tried and tested methods of managing and utilizing spaces. We examine space efficiency, how to source new premises and handle premises’ moves. The management of workplace services such as heating and lighting, security, catering, cleaning, repairs and maintenance are the essential elements of facilities management. We teach you the effective methods of managing human resources and your legal responsibilities towards the employees, contractors and suppliers. Next, we introduce you to the functions related to specific workplace facilities, safety and functionalities. What is the scope of procurement and vendor management within facilities? How do you deal with suppliers? What is the importance of effective negotiation? Become familiar with all these areas, including the different types of leases of premises and the specifics of health and safety issues at work, including risk assessments and mitigation. We have included fire safety and first aid facts to help you feel confident in your career.

Finally, the course focuses on maintaining quality control in facilities management. Discover how to utilize effective maintenance strategies and common types of maintenance arrangements. We analyze and compare project management and facilities management. This guides you in successfully structuring a facilities project. You will learn cost management, how to reduce costs throughout the organization and how to work with standard financial documents such as budgets, balance sheets and asset registers. We reinforce and consolidate the current knowledge of existing facilities managers as they gain specialist expertise in other niche areas. Facilities manager roles encompass greater skill sets and responsibilities in the rapidly growing facilities management industry. Those who do not have any formal experience in facilities management will benefit from the practical applications described in this course. It is the ideal starting point for those seriously considering a career in this field or striving to specialize and grow further. Take advantage of the information-packed online course and enrol now.

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