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Skills for Being an Inspirational Leader

Discover the hidden secrets of successful leaders and accentuate your ability to lead with this free online course.

Publisher: Chris Croft Trainings
Leadership cuts across all disciplines and spheres of life. However, good leadership seems to be lacking in most organizations. In this free online course, you will be furnished with twenty-five real-life, proven, practical leadership skills from a renowned international speaker and author. The knowledge embedded in this course will propel you from being an ordinary leader to the best outstanding inspirational leader in your organization.
Skills for Being an Inspirational Leader
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In this free online course, you're going to learn some tested and successful inspirational leadership skills that will enhance your skills as a leader. Good and quality leadership is an advantage in growing businesses and building people of capacity for sustainability. You will learn the difference between managing people and leading people. You will learn how to be an inspirational leader. Good motivations are lacking in most workplaces and this proves to be a requisite factor for building a long-lasting legacy in people and in the workplaces. People tend to be fired up when they are inspired. This course will teach you how to turn the simple actions you do into instruments of great leadership; this is called transactional leadership. You will learn the act of being a role model because as an inspirational leader, your team would always watch you and the things you do, whether good or bad. You will learn one of the most effective methods to be a good leader through efficient and productive communication. Did you know that effective communication involves listening as well as talking? Be rest assured to bag that knowledge too. You will also learn how to put time and effort into your communication. This course will teach you the methods of communication. One of the bottlenecks in communication is lack of information, a good communicator must amass a wealth of information, so this course will teach you how to be obsessed with information. People feel appreciated and valued when they know they are being listened to; so, you will learn the art of listening in this course.

In this course, you will also learn Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how you can apply it to your team. When people are insecure, they can hardly give their best. You will learn how to be supportive and build trust in the people you're leading. This course will teach you to master consistency; an inspirational leader should be steady and not vary in his disposition. He should be fair, learning how to treat everyone with equal attention. You will learn how to motivate people by simply making them feel important. You will learn the effect of appreciating people and the know-how to do it. You will also learn in this course as an inspirational leader how to get the best out of people by delegating duties to them and instilling the "you can do it" belief in them. You will also learn the technique of the freedom ladder to delegate responsibilities. This course will teach you how to coach and empower people for maximum output. You will learn how to draw a motivational audit periodically to keep your people happy. You will also be taught how to build a team; no great leader can work without a good team. You will learn how to take ownership of problems and find ways to solve them and at times admit that you don't know everything. Very importantly, you will learn how not to use money as a motivator. Having gone through this, you will learn to activate and push yourself to be a good and inspirational boss.

This course is designed around 25 practical things you can do to become a great inspirational leader with practical life experiences of managers and leaders in different organizations at different times and spaces. By studying this course, you will be equipped with leadership skills that you can apply anywhere the opportunity beckons. This course is for anyone aspiring to be a great inspirational leader and for managers who want to metamorphose from mediocre management into a great inspirational leader. Why wait? Start this course now!

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