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Sequences, Series and Equations in Mathematics

Gain a better understanding of series and equations, cuboid, Hamilton circuit and path, Prim's algorithm, and more!

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This free online course in sequences, series and equations is the second of our Upper-Secondary Mathematics suite of courses. It will teach you about ratio and proportion as well as geometric sequences and arithmetic series. You will learn that a sequence is a set of numbers in which each number after the first number is formed in accordance with a definite rule. You will also learn about difference equations, linear programming, geometry, trigonometry, graphs, and more!
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This course begins by teaching you about arithmetic sequences. You will learn that an arithmetic sequence is a sequence in which the difference between any two consecutive terms is the same. You will then study arithmetic series as well as geometric sequences and series. This course will then discuss the intersection of half-planes and show you how to solve linear and programming problems. You will also look into graphs, power graphs, and the linear representation of non-linear graphs.

You will then learn about Pythagoras who is a Greek mathematician who developed a theorem to find the length of the third side of a triangle. This course will also discuss the angle of elevation and depression, directions and bearings, contour maps, traverse surveys, compass bearings, and true bearings. You will look into ratio and proportion where you will learn that a ratio is a comparison between two like quantities in the same units. In addition, you will study ratio and proportion gears.

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to calculate sequences and sequences, find the equation of a straight line, and know how to interpret graphs effectively. You will also better understand the positive and negative gradient in straight line graphs. This course will also ensure you gain a better insight into right-angled triangles, area of a triangle, the sine rule, cosine rule, Pythagoras' theorem, surface area, and volume so make sure to check out this course and enhance your math skills!

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