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Scrum Development

Learn the concepts of Scrum Developer training with this free online Scrum development course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online Scrum course will introduce you to developing with Scrum. You will study the reasons for agile development methods, the benefits of Scrum, the six key scrum principles, and the five scrum aspects. You will learn how to initiate, plan, estimate, and implement a project, study the sprint review and retrospect, convene a Scrum of Scrums, demonstrate and validate sprint, retrospect sprint, and more.
Scrum Development
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    3-4 Hours
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This course, Scrum Developer, will provide you with an understanding of the scrum developer process for project planning and estimating. You will learn scrum concepts, principles, phases, and processes. You will be able to explain initiating a project, creating the project vision, identifying the scrum master, forming the scrum team, developing epics, creating the prioritized product backlog, and release planning. You will also learn about the planning and estimating of a project.

This course then explains in detail, planning and estimating a project. You will learn about creating user stories, approving, estimating, and committing user stories. You will also learn about creating tasks, estimating tasks, and creating the sprint backlog.

This course then wraps up showing students the process to implement a project. You will learn about implementing a project, creating deliverables, conducting the daily standup (or daily scrum), and grooming the prioritized product backlog. By taking this course you will learn how to convene a scrum of scrums, demonstrate and validate sprint, ship deliverables, and retrospect the project. So why wait? Start learning the skills to become a scrum developer today.

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