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Organic Chemistry | Bonding and Shapes of Molecules

Learn about the shapes and bonds of molecules, and the molecular orbital theory with this free online course.

Publisher: Rania Seoudi
This organic chemistry course will introduce you to the different types of bonds that can form between atoms and explain how to draw compounds using various models. It also includes the reasons behind the formation of the aforementioned bonds. In addition, the course covers the key features in chemical bonding and shares how to predict the shapes of molecules, the various structures of molecules, and the angles between atoms.
Organic Chemistry | Bonding and Shapes of Molecules
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This organic chemistry course on covalent bonding and shapes of molecules starts by explaining the basic components of an atom and how to draw it’s electronic structure. It also explains the involvement of electrons in chemical reactions and bond formation, and how to represent them using the Lewis model.

The course then moves on to explain formal charges of molecules and how to easily solve them. Furthermore the course provides you with detailed information regarding the various types of bonds and how to decide which type of bond should form between atoms. You will also be introduced to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, and the different theories used to describe covalent bonds, valence bonds and the molecular orbital theory. You will go on to learn the concept of resonance, how to use curved arrows to draw contributing resonance structures, and how to use the molecular orbital theory to describe delocalized electrons.

Lastly you will proceed to learn about the different types of organic functional groups, the relation between the bond lengths and bond strengths of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. This course is of great benefit to chemists and biochemists who are starting their organic chemistry journey. Enroll now, and learn about the principles of bonding in organic chemistry and how organic compounds are formed. 

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