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Networking on LinkedIn - 2022

This free online course explores the best practices for building a professional and relevant LinkedIn network.

Publisher: Teddy Burriss
Connecting with the right people on LinkedIn can lead to discovering valuable new ideas, collaborations, ideologies and professional opportunities when done correctly. This short course provides the skills you need to build a helpful LinkedIn network. Study the best practices to effectively communicate with your target audience on LinkedIn, manage invitations and use the LinkedIn ‘search’ tools and features. Enrol today!
Networking on LinkedIn - 2022
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When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is unrivalled. It is a great online tool for introducing individuals and companies to one another and fostering lasting partnerships. However, since networking is very challenging, LinkedIn and sales navigator strategist and trainer Teddy Burriss has put together this course to help you with the principles, best practices and strategies you need to start building a robust LinkedIn network. Teddy began utilising it as a business tool in 2007 and has been offering training and coaching since 2010.

First, you will learn why this platform is so important for professionals. It introduces networking for mutual benefit, which is critical if you want to gain anything out of your LinkedIn networking activities. You will also better understand why narrowing down your target audience and their influencers are crucial and evaluate which contacts are worth adding and which you can safely ignore. We will discuss the best practices of using the 'ignore', 'I don't know' and 'block' buttons.

As you progress, you will learn how to do thorough research on LinkedIn members before connecting with them and how to make the most of its ‘search’ features. Procedures for using the platform for business networking will also be outlined, along with guidelines on moving forward after making a connection. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how to use LinkedIn to build a rich network that you can benefit from for many years. Sign up today and start learning.

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