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Junior Certificate Project Maths - Higher Level

A comprehensive syllabus and assessment which tests learners on the entire content of the Maths Higher Level Syllabus.

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This free online Junior Certificate maths course will teach you everything you need to know for the higher level Junior Certificate mathematics assessment. It will teach you Junior Cert probabilities and statistics, as well as about the shape, size and relative position and properties of spaces and objects. Check your progress and improve your grades today with this free online higher level Junior Cert maths course.





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This course is for students interested in studying the Project Maths Junior Certificate Higher Level Course in its entirety. This free online course provides students with tutorial videos on all the higher level topics in one location listed by module and topic. In addition, a comprehensive assessment is provided which tests learners on the entire content of the Project Maths Higher Level Syllabus. These topics include Probability and Statistics, Geometry and Trigonometry, Numbers and Shapes and Algebra.

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