Strand 1 Junior Certificate Higher Level Probability and Statistics

This course teaches probability and statistics for the Irish Junior Certificate examination.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Junior Certificate course teaches you Higher Level Probability and Statistics. Maths is essential to success in a world that is constantly moving forward with new technologies. This course covers everything from Algebra to Calculus and will leave you much more prepared for several professional fields, or just more ready for your next school exam. Brush up on or enhance your mathematical knowledge, today!
Strand 1 Junior Certificate Higher Level Probability and Statistics
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Probability and Statistics is one of the strands of the new Project Maths Course in the Irish curriculum. Statistics are used in real life to make sense of the information around us and how it affects us.
Statistics looks at the data handling cycle and analysis of the data collected. This involves posing a question, collecting data on that question, presenting that data, analysing the data (using measures of spread and centre) and interpreting the results. In answering questions, it is essential that you can contextualise and justify your findings.

Probability is concerned with the likelihood of an event(s) happening. The information can be used to make informed decisions. The use of probability is commonly utilised in the world of finance, insurance and sport among others. Probability can also be used to infer the fairness of an event or series of events. It can be evaluated using a diagram or a rule-based approach. This Strand attempts to merge the mathematical aspects of Probability and Statistics with its real-life application. It is an interesting topic that is very accessible to all students.

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