Introduction to Venture Capital

Learn more about the risks and rewards of venture capitalism.

Publisher: Khan Academy
In this free online introduction to venture capital you will examine venture capital firms and the financial services that these firms make available for start-up businesses. In this course, we will examine how businesses raise funds to cover operational costs or get their business off the ground. We will also discuss the different types of investors out there, and how they work and earn profits from their businesses.
Introduction to Venture Capital
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Venture capital firms play an important role in the financial services industry, yet not much is known about them by the average lay person. The venture capital market is made up of private equity firms and venture capitalism is a means of investing capital and helping new business start-ups. In this course on venture capital, we get an insight into how a company starts off based on available funds, and how they subsequently raise more funds as the company grows so that investments can be made in operations and other areas. Topics discussed include what shares are, how shares are valued, equity versus debt, and types of organisational structures. This free course also examines the difference between bankruptcy and liquidation, if a business should fail. This course will be of interest to business professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about the venture capital market and how it invests in and helps business start-ups and more established businesses grow and expand.

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