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Introduction to Venture Capital - Revised

Learn about the risks and rewards of venture capitalism in this free online finance course for small business owners.

Publisher: Khan Academy
This course examines the role of venture capital firms and explains the financial services they offer to start-up businesses. We show you how businesses raise funds to cover operational costs and get off the ground. We also discuss the different types of available investors and describe how they work and earn profits from the businesses in which they invest. This course suits anyone interested in finance or who wants to start a small business.
Introduction to Venture Capital - Revised
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Venture capital firms play an important economic role in the financial services industry yet most people don’t know much about them. The venture capital market is made up of private equity firms that invest capital in new business start-ups in order to generate profit. 

This course explains how a company uses available funds to launch before raising more money as the company grows to allow further investments to be made in operations and other areas. We discuss topics like shares and the stock market’s role in deciding their value. We also compare equity to debt and examine various organizational structures before laying out the differences between bankruptcy and liquidation in the event that a business fails. 

This course is of interest to business professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about the venture capital market and how it invests in opportunities to help small and start-up businesses launch and grow. We can help you find the backers you need to turn your business dreams into reality.

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