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Introduction to Balance Sheets

Learn more about balance sheets and how they are used for personal finances.

Publisher: Khan Academy
This free online Introduction to Balance Sheets course will show you how you can use your balance sheets to make important financial decisions. You will also learn about different loan types and how the loan process works. This course is designed to give anyone a basic understanding of balance sheets and personal finances. Introduce yourself to the basics of balance sheets and make smarter financial decisions today with this free online course.
Introduction to Balance Sheets
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This course, Introduction to Balance Sheets will introduce you to the basics of what a balance sheet is, its purpose and how to do a balance sheet.

The balance sheet is a basic accounting concept used to calculate how much cash, assets and liabilities are in our accounts at the end of the day. It is a very useful tool for both personal finances as well as business accounts. Knowing how to work through a basic balance sheet is an essential skill that everybody should know how to do and balance sheets are an excellent way to put your personal finances into perspective on paper.

In this free online course, the basics of balance sheets are discussed with particular regards to the case study of buying a house versus renting a house, and topics such as assets, liabilities, equity and marking to market are reviewed.

This free online course will be of interest to the average lay person wishing to learn about balance sheets and how they can use balance sheets to organise their finances when deciding to invest in property or take out a loan for whatever reason.

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