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HTML5 Game Development Gameplay and Multiplayer Proof of Concept Course

Learn how to add gameplay features such as sound, magical ability, and quest systems to your computer games.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course in HTML5 Game Development teaches you about developing important and often underappreciated features such as plot, music, and sound effects to your games. Designing a game is about more than just creating characters and scenes, it is also about plot, adventure, interaction, and even soundscape, which play essential parts in engaging the player. This course will also cover developing a multiplayer proof of concept.
HTML5 Game Development Gameplay and Multiplayer Proof of Concept Course
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    1.5-3 Hours
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The course begins by teaching you how to give magical abilities to your game characters. You will then learn how to load and add sound to your game as well as create a quest system that can make your games more exciting. The course will teach you how to create and set up a title and game over screen. You will also study how to configure an Azure website and a server with Node.js, Express, and Socket.IO to host your multiplayer game.

You will then learn how to edit your game application in order to include a multiplayer facility. This will enable the game to accommodate more than two players. The course will also teach you how to connect your game to the server that you've created. Finally, you will look into possible means of further expanding your game in order to make it more fun, challenging, and exciting.

Nowadays, creating an online game is becoming easier, but designing games that offer a truly rewarding game experience remains a difficult as ever. If you want to create more than just a standard forgettable game, the concepts and techniques taught in this course will be a great help. So, have a look at the course today, and start learning how to make games that utilise the engaging elements of magic, beautiful sounds, and challenging quests.

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