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Gradient and Collision Animation - Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create professional animation for your projects in Adobe After Effects in this free online course.

Publisher: Jonathan Lam
This free online course will teach you everything you need to create breath-taking, awesome animations in Adobe After Effects. You will learn the basics, step-by-step procedures for creating cool animation for your projects. You will learn how to work in 3D space and all the necessary tools in After Effects. This course is a point for convergence of skills and creativity and provides you with a platform for enhancing your creative skills.
Gradient and Collision Animation - Adobe After Effects
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    1.5-3 Hours
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In this free online course, you are going to learn how to integrate variance in your gradient and collision animation. Adobe After Effects provides you the capacity to add diversity and uniqueness to your work. This course covers three major hands on practical projects with a comprehensive video tutorial. The course starts by giving you a brief introduction of animated gradient background in After Effects. First, you will learn how to load the workspace. Knowing the usefulness and beauty color brings, you will learn how to setup and pick color palette from Adobe color. You will also learn how to create a color scheme from an image. You will equally learn how to apply this color scheme to your gradient background animation. You will learn how to use shapes to create gradients, then you will learn how to use the stopwatch to add keyframe to produce animation for your gradient layer. You will then learn the basics of how to create a comic book title animation and all the necessary skills required, you will also learn the useful tools and shortcut keys needed to arrive at the expected result. The comic book title animation is created from gallery of pictures and runs on a 3D space.  You will learn in this course how to use the available tools to design, position, pattern, blend compositions to give a beautiful flow. You will learn how to open photos to be used for the animation in Photoshop, then you will learn how to add effects and crop the photos to the right size for the final video. You will learn how to animate and import the videos in sequence.

Then you will learn how to create animated collision into titles. This project follows the basic principles for the comic book animation, so it begins with creating a new composition of which the animation is built. Here, you will learn how to create a natural rock texture for the background, then you will use the typing tool to write whatever name you decide for your project. Familiarising with the layers and tools on the timeline will be a great leap to getting the job done. You will learn how to drag the rock textures in the project and then into the composition. Then you will also know how to use effect control panel to adjust the features of the text created. You will be taught how to light up the animated text with a variety of lights with different effects. You will understand how to transform your animation into 3D and you will be able to manipulate the layers in a 3D space. To animate the text, you will learn how to use key tools on the timeline and the graph editor to achieve that. To add more fascinating effects to the text animation, you will learn how to add the wiggle from the effect layer.

This course is suitable for Illustrators, Designers and anyone who has a keen interest in creating animation and learning new skills. And you do not necessarily need a prior knowledge or experience to take this course as the video tutorial are very comprehensive. By taking this course, you will learn how to bring your creativity to its full potential while having fun. Why wait? Start this course today and learn valuable skills that will help you to animate like a professional.

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