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Adobe After Effects - Animate Complex Vector Icons

Learn how to animate complex vector icons in Adobe After Effects with this exciting free online course.

Publisher: Andrew Pach
This free online course, After Effects - Animate Complex Vector Icons will teach you how to create, prepare and use vector icons to animate objects using Adobe After Effects. By the end of this course, you will be able to create and animate icons from scratch by applying the techniques learned to either create vector icons or use existing icons in Adobe Illustrator to create any icon animation project of your choice using After Effects software.
Adobe After Effects - Animate Complex Vector Icons
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Motion Graphics is an exciting but equally complex field and this free online Adobe After Effects course covers vector icons and how to animate them, in a simple-to-understand way. You will learn how to apply proper techniques while working with various kinds of motion graphics, how to animate a variety of icons from scratch using Adobe Illustrator or build up from a ready-made vector icon. The After Effects User Interface has many useful but lesser-known tricks and features and the course content covers many of these which you can use while creating interesting projects.

In this Adobe course, you will learn about the basic tools in After Effects, how to create, prepare and use icons in Adobe Illustrator and how to prepare your composition before you can start animating. The After Effects course content will show you exactly how to animate and “parent” the icons so that one icon controls what the other icons do. Then you will learn how to effectively apply other After Effects tools like the Pen Tool, Pick Whip, Shape Layers, Track Mattes, and many more to build creative and interesting After Effects projects.

You will also find many practical case studies and tutorials in order to help you learn motion graphics, and After Effects is the perfect software for designing and modelling animation projects. You will not just be learning the After Effects workflow; you will be able to apply the skills and techniques acquired in this course to create any icon project of your choice. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn icon animation in After Effects or wants to further improve their existing design and animation skills.

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