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Fundamentals of Service Marketing

Gain insights into the macro- and micro-environments that affect service marketing with this free business course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online marketing course will introduce you to the main concepts of services marketing which is a form of marketing strategy which focuses on portraying a service as uniquely appealing and beneficial to customers. In this course, you will about where services marketing is employed, such as in medical care, spa treatments, vehicle and space rentals, the main concepts within services marketing, and what defines a service.
Fundamentals of Service Marketing
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course will introduce you to the main concepts of service marketing and define exactly what is meant by the term 'service'. You will look at the characteristics and different types of services and study Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as well as Max-Neef’s fundamental human needs. The course will discuss the tasks of marketing management as well as the 7Ps of the marketing mix. You will also study the types of marketing in service industries.

You will then learn the important role of services marketing management. You will study the effect of the transformation process on an input to produce an output as well as learn what types of activities provide intangible benefits and experiences to the customers. The course also covers both the micro-environment and macro-environment in the services marketing industry. Finally, the course looks at the impact different aspects of the environment have on your service business.

The in-depth knowledge on the political, economic, social, and technological dimensions of the business environment that you will learn in this online course will be very helpful in making your services appealing to your target demographics. This will help any entrepreneur or business manager develop an effective and strategic framework for service marketing. So, check out the course today and help promote your organization's services the right way.

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