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First Aid Training in the Workplace

Learn how to conduct first aid, deal with workplace emergencies and potentially save a life in this free online course.

Publisher: One Education
First aid training in the workplace has become a necessity nowadays. This introductory course will explain how to evaluate and safely administer first aid in numerous difficult situations at work. Study incident management and basic first aid techniques before dealing with secondary illnesses and injuries like fractures and dislocations. Possessing these skills and information will help in any emergency, allowing you to confidently assist.
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Emergencies can happen at any time and in this free online first aid training course, you will develop a keen understanding of first aid and the necessary responsibilities and procedures to go through to save a life, and prevent or reduce serious injuries. In this first aid course, you will uncover the fundamentals of first aid training and learn how to manage incidents and what to do when arriving at the scene of an accident. First, the course begins with an overview, introducing first aid at work and safe practices like always keeping medical supplies available. Then, you will look at the roles and responsibilities of a worker when an incident occurs. This section will also discuss the importance of recording incidents and actions and preventing cross-infection when there is an occurrence.

Next, you will discuss the dos and don’ts in an emergency and the questions you should ask yourself: What are the dangers? Is it safe for me to go to the casualty? How do I make the area safe? You will also discuss fires and how to deal with electrical incidents. This topic includes treating burns and breaking contact with electricity safely. This health and safety course breaks down basic first aid techniques and looks at the chain of survival. You will get to know which equipment needs to be included in a first aid kit, how to bandage different wounds, and put on wound dressing properly. In the following section, you will take a look at minor injuries and compare other procedures for each. You will study the causes of abdominal pain, crush injuries, allergic reactions, and learn to deal with and treat each symptom individually. This part of the course concludes by discussing extreme environmental conditions and briefly explains how to manage someone with hyperthermia or hypothermia. The last section of content describes the treatments and procedures for managing secondary illnesses. These illnesses include various disorders and issues that could go wrong and need medical attendance before you can reach an emergency unit. These include unresponsiveness, especially when the casualty is not breathing - you will learn the procedure for CPR and what to do to keep someone alive until the emergency services arrive. The topics will describe other secondary illnesses such as asthma, croup, diabetes, and many others. You will learn what to do in this case including keeping yourself and others calm and preventing a difficult or life-threatening situation. 

This course is for those wanting to help in an emergency and is perfect for those involved in workplace health and safety. It is for those aware of the dangers that life can impose would like to be there when a colleague or stranger needs it most. This course will equip you with correct and in-depth first aid knowledge and enrolling could save a life in a dire situation.

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