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Diesel Engine Cycles, Maintenance, & Control

Learn about diesel engine cycles and their maintenance, control, performance and protection in this free online course.

Publisher: saVRee
This course follows our ‘diesel engine basics’ course and covers cycles, maintenance, performance and electronic control. We study the difference between the 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine cycles, diesel engine maintenance tips, the fuel injection system, air filter, fuel filter and thermodynamic cycles. We also explain how the centrifugal and electrical-hydraulic governors in diesel engines work. This course suits aspiring engineers and mechanics.
Diesel Engine Cycles, Maintenance, & Control
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This course builds on its introductory predecessor and is suitable for anyone who already has some diesel engine, diesel fuel or automotive engineering knowledge.

The reciprocating piston engine is without a doubt the most influential machine ever invented. From its early beginnings as a steam engine, the piston engine has revolutionized the way we live, work and travel. This course examines this amazing machine and explains the 2-stroke and 4-stroke cycles in detail. We then cover the starting circuit, diesel engine control and diesel engine maintenance strategies to show you how to protect them.

We employ interactive 3D models to illustrate each individual engine component as we explain how these components work together to complete their work. Sign up to take your knowledge of combustion engines to the next level with our advanced diesel engine course. Engineers and mechanics should be familiar with the internal workings of these important machines.

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