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Applied Behaviour Analysis

Learn how Applied Behaviour Analysis analysis is used to treat children with Autism, in this free online course.

Publisher: Liau Alex
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the Gold standard for the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This free online course will introduce you to ABA, the theories that guide it, and its rules and techniques. This course also contains detailed demonstrations of how different ABA techniques like chaining and patterning can be used to improve motor skills, language skills, cognitive function, and visuospatial skills.
Applied Behaviour Analysis
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This course covers the theories and techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and how its methods like Matrix and Number Theory are employed in improving a child’s language, cognitive, motor and visuospatial skills. It begins by introducing Applied Behaviour Analysis and explaining the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) model – a guiding principle of ABA. The course proceeds to cover rules and foundational techniques of ABA. Next, illustrations of how ABA could improve motor skills, and how methods like the Picture Exchange Communication System could be employed in improving language skills, are made.

The second half of the course explains, and demonstrates how ABA techniques like Matrix, Chaining, Follow the Rule, and Sequencing can be used to improve cognitive function in children with Autism. The course then goes on to introduce techniques like the Number Concept, Patterning, Gradation, and Block Design, and demonstrate with videos, how they can be used to improve a child’s visuospatial skills. The course concludes by teaching how to ensure teachings from ABA sessions could help a child when they face similar situations in real life.

Applied Behaviour Analysis, is recognised by various medical institutions as the standard for treating Autism. Autism makes handling children more difficult and makes children deficient in skills needed to navigate parts of everyday life. This course provides valuable insights into the behaviours of children with Autism and demonstrates how important skills can be improved to help them lead more normal lives. If you are a parent or an individual tasked with caring for Autistic children, this course is for you. Start now and learn to treat Autism in three hours.

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