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Vanessa Lubbe is a certified course moderator. She has vast experience teaching online courses in sales, occupational health and safety, and English over the past seven years. She is an expert in all of the aforementioned subjects and possesses a high level of education.

She began her sales career as soon as she graduated from college, so she has over 15 years of sales experience as well as seven years of teaching experience. For most of her career, she successfully led a staff of more than 20 salespeople. Vanessa has degrees and certificates in all the disciplines in which she is an expert.

Vanessa is extremely passionate about teaching others about sales and exposing them to her sales skills, which she claims will result in 95% of sales in any industry. She also firmly believes in the value and need for understanding health and safety. Additionally, she greatly appreciates imparting her knowledge of the English language because of the importance of English in every nation.

Free, Online Courses Created by Vanessa Lubbe

  • Certificate Occupational Workplace Health and Safety for the Mining Industry

    Occupational Workplace Health and Safety for the Mining Industry

    3-4 hrs
    In this free online course, you will learn how to apply basic health and safety legislation to your work area.
  • Certificate Office Solution Sales for Beginners

    Office Solution Sales for Beginners

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to engage with potential clients, develop and present a solution and be the best salesperson in the industry.
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