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Nick Saraev is a renowned body language coach with a passion for communication skills. His background is in behavioural neuroscience, and students love his ability to translate complex biology topics into simple, easy-to-understand lessons. He's been featured in major publications like Popular Mechanics and Apple News and has a growing YouTube channel analyzing the body language of celebrities and influential figures.

Nick has a wide range of expertise in body language, vocal tone and communication skills.

Nick offers services like online instruction, in-person coaching, video coaching and conferences.

Free, Online Courses Created by Nick Saraev

  • Certificate Charisma Made Simple

    Charisma Made Simple

    1.5-3 hrs
    Build a captivating personality with this free online course that teaches simple social techniques to boost confidence.
  • Certificate Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

    Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to use words and body language to communicate effectively from a renowned expert in this free online course.
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