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Edgy Global is a leading global provider of integrated strategy, planning and risk consulting services to both governments and the private sector. Based in Australia, they provide consultancy across a wide range of industries, while specialising in hospital and health service reform.

Edgy Global are keen supporters of Alison's project of providing education to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free and are delighted to have partnered with the platform. Edward Fraser, founder of Edgy Global, says the benefits of publishing with Alison include instant access to a global market of over 20 million students and that publishers on the platform gain a presence in most of the world’s nations for free.

Edgy Global's first offering with Alison is a course on Global Islamic Finance and Banking, developed in conjunction with subject matter expert Almir Colan from the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance. The course focuses on the intersection of finance and Islam and outlines the unique nature of banking in the Muslim world.

Free, Online Courses Created by Edgy Global

  • Certificate Global Islamic Finance and Banking

    Global Islamic Finance and Banking

    1.5-3 hrs
    Gain an understanding of the Islamic finance and banking industry as well as Sharia law, with this online course.
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