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Global Islamic Finance and Banking

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Global Islamic Finance and Banking
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  • The Global Islamic Finance and Banking course published by Edgy Global covers the key concepts, services, and future of one of the fastest growing financial sectors which is valued globally at more than $2 trillion USD.

    This course has been published to benefit all people, businesses and governments interested in Islamic finance and banking around the world. You may be a current or future Islamic finance customer, either Muslim or Non-Muslim, or maybe you work in financial services, insurance or banking that sees the current growth and future global potential Islamic Finance and Banking represents. Or you could be an elected government official or working for the government and interested in the regulatory framework and benefits of supporting Islamic Finance development in your country. Whatever your background, participants will gain knowledge and an understanding of Islamic finance and banking which encourages mutual cooperation, generosity and risk sharing for the benefit of the community.

    The course has been published by Edgy Global an Australian based Publisher founded by Edward Fraser. Almir Colan is the Islamic Finance expert who provided course content. Almir is a Director of the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance, Director at Awqaf Australia, and an Adviser to a number of institutions around the world that provide Islamic finance and banking services.

  • After completing this finance and banking course, you will:

    • List the aims of Islamic finance in contemporary society.
    • Describe the benefits of Islamic finance and banking.
    • Identify the main principles of Islamic banking and finance.
    • Discuss how different Islamic modes of financing work.
    • Define the current market and future opportunities for the sector.

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