For a new generation of young people, the university experience is just around the corner. Every September, millions of students land in campuses around the world to begin their journey of third level education. The step from secondary school to university can seem a daunting one to some, and the shift from teacher-led learning to self-motivated learning can be a tricky transition for many.

At Alison, we believe that education is the world’s greatest forces for good and so we want to help facilitate this momentous step and make it as seamless as possible for new students. Regardless of your new area of study, we’ve got free courses that will help you get a sense of third level learning before you arrive on campus next month. 


1. Arts and Humanities

From literature to art, from history to philosophy, people have been puzzling over the fascinating subjects of the humanities for millenia. By studying these fields you’re taking part in a rich tradition full of fascinating scholarship going back through the ages. We’ve got a great range of free courses that will help contextualise these vast fields of study so that you can successfully contribute to these engrossing subjects.


2. Languages

Studying a language at university is an incredibly rewarding experience because, perhaps more than with any other area, you get to feel your knowledge grow. Over the courses of your degree, you’ll go from not having a word to being fluent, as long as you put in the work! Having a basic understanding of the linguistic framework of your chosen language of study will really stand to you once you start your degree in September. We’ve got helpful beginners courses to provide you with just that across a broad range of languages.


3. Health Sciences

In the last 18 months, we’ve realised just how important health professionals are to the stable running of society and to the general health of the population. These jobs are truly vocational and, while they can be extremely trying, they are are also among the most rewarding jobs in the world. Our Health Science courses offer you tastes of this incredibly diverse field of study, from caring for the elderly to studies in mental health.


4. Business

Budding entrepreneurs will find that university offers as many opportunities to hone their business skills outside the classroom as it does inside it! We’ve got a great selection of courses that will help you familiarise yourself with the terminology required to study business successfully. Whether you’re studying marketing, sales or management, you’ll hit the ground running by giving yourself a headstart with our detailed and expert-led business courses.


5. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Many of our graduates who find work thanks to Alison’s free online courses, do so in the field of STEM. Our diverse range of quality courses on subjects varying from trigonometry to sound engineering provide students with in depth understandings of what can sometimes be difficult topics. Often STEM degrees offer a lot of choice in the first couple of years so by taking some taster courses online, you’ll be in a great position to make informed decisions about what route you’d like to go down later in your third level career.

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