“My name is Sarah Gyenge. I’m a health care assistant. I’ve worked in hospitals, care and nursing homes, and in mental health. I have National Vocational Qualifications in a number of areas, including Health and Social Care. I have Diplomas in Care and Nursing, End of Life Therapy, First Aid and Primary Nursing. At present, I do voluntary work at my local hospital doing ward work and end of life care.”

How did you learn about Alison?

I learned about Alison through facebook. My first courses were in health care.


What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

I enjoy drawing, writing and gardening.

Where are you working and what are you studying now?

I’m doing my voluntary work at the hospital and also doing my End of Life training.


What’s next for you, in terms of education or work?

I’d like to do more care courses to help me with my job as a health care assistant.

If you could learn absolutely anything in the world from an Alison course, what would it be?

Anything linked to care work, including management skills in care work.

What would you say to someone if they asked you about Alison? Would you recommend it and why?

I would really recommend taking courses with Alison. They’ve helped me a lot in my job.

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