“Affiliate marketing” refers to the business relationship where a company or organisation pays a small sum to an individual for generated leads and converted sales from the third-party website to the company’s product and services.

As an affiliate, you align yourself with a business or organisation and share that with your online connections. And if you manage to execute being an affiliate correctly, everyone involved becomes empowered and wins. There are several things you, as an affiliate, need to do to communicate your product or service to ensure the lead is converted into a sale. You need to decide which platform to use or what style of content gets you a response from your audience. Another key aspect to consider is the sample phrases when posting as an Affiliate. Keep reading because we have you covered.

Writing your affiliate post

What makes you become a successful affiliate is knowing your audience and tailoring your content in a way that will guarantee they buy what you’re promoting.

  • Give a testimonial. It goes a long way to your audience if you’ve used the service and can give valuable feedback and say how it’s empowered and changed your life.
  • Do in-depth research. It’s important to know what you’re selling. If one of your followers asks you a question about the service, you want to be able to give them an honest and insightful answer.
  • Explain value. How has the product or service empowered you and how will it empower them? What value will they get from buying what you’re selling?

Your affiliate piece is not complete without adding a call to action.

What is a ‘call to action’?

A “call to action” or CTA is the directive phrase that tells your reader what their next step should be. This is what encourages your audience to take them from a potential customer to a converted one. CTAs have a have a click-through or button and icon which makes them easy to identify. Here are a few that may be familiar:

  • Download now
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Learn more
  • Share now

Sample phrases when posting as an affiliate

The phrases you use as an affiliate largely depend on your goals. For example, if you want to increase your subscriber list, increase your brand exposure, encourage your followers to share your post, or promote an event, you’ll craft and use certain phrases to achieve the goal.

Words have the power to evoke emotion. And the right emotions elicit actions in the reader. By speaking to a human being’s primary emotions, you can trigger a desired effect on the reader  – the answered call to action.

Top 20 sample phrases you can use

  1. Sign up now
  2. Click here for more details
  3. Act now!
  4. Start your free trial today
  5. Book your spot
  6. Offer expires…
  7. Get early access
  8. Join millions of other subscribers
  9. Shop now
  10. Request your demo today
  11. Refer your friend
  12. Unlock your discount
  13. Buy two, get one free
  14. Test it now
  15. Get more customers
  16. Yes, I want to learn more
  17. Claim your gift
  18. Request your no-obligation free quote
  19. Find out more information
  20. Download the ultimate guide to…

The key things to remember about your call-to-action phrases are that they should be clear, concise, compelling, enticing, and stand out. Ready to put these phrases into action? First things first – sign up to an affiliate programme.

Below is an example of how you can use a sample phrase when promoting one of Alison’s free courses:

“If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love anything “free”. Usually, the T&Cs reveal that free is not actually free. Until I came across Alison. They have thousands of courses you can study for FREE. I discovered that I could learn online, anytime, and choose from a variety of courses to improve my skills and knowledge in how I run my business. It’s what empowerment should be! So, if you’re like me and love “free”, click here to sign up on Alison and begin your learning journey.”

How Alison’s Affiliate Programme Works

Becoming an affiliate is quick and easy. After you’ve created your Alison account, you can sign up to be a part Alison’s Affiliate Programme in three easy steps:

  1. Become an Alison Affiliate. Visit the Affiliate Programme landing page and join one of our informative webinar sessions with an Alison representative. These sessions equip you with information and tools on how you can empower others by being an Affiliate. 
  2. Invite. Using the Affiliate link generator, share your Affiliate links online with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else you can think of who might benefit from our free educational and professional tools. 
  3. Earn money. You will receive 20% of the revenue generated by the new learners who come to Alison through your Affiliate links. 

It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Carefully craft your CTA phrases when you post to your audience, and you’ll not only get more clicks, but you’ll get the conversions you need to make you a successful affiliate and change their lives.

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