“My name is Polly Austin. I’m an African-American woman with four kids. I’ve completed a lot of education in life to get towhere I am now.”

How did you learn about Alison?

I learned about Alison through searching on Google.

What was your first course on Alison, and why did you choose it?

I think it was a Law course but my God I am totally unsure. Law is one of my favorite subjects to study.


What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

Going for a brisk walk.

Where are you working now?

I’m working at the Positive Health Alliance.


What’s next for you, in terms of education or work?

I’m continuing to learn and look for work in higher-paying jobs.

If you could learn absolutely anything in the world from an Alison course, what would it be?

How to increase the speed of completion in my classes, lol.

What would you say to someone if they asked you about Alison? Would you recommend it and why?

I would tell them it’s a great school. It’s something you would love to do if you were an at-home-mom or have to work throughout the day. Then Alison is the place for you.

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