“My name is Muhammad Danish Toor. I live in Sargodha. I have recently graduated from the Department of Soil and Environmental Science at the University of Sargodha in Pakistan.”

How did you learn about Alison?

I was searching for free online courses on Google.

What was your first course on Alison, and why did you choose it?

It was a course on Environmental Science and I learn a lot.


What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

I relax my mind by sleeping.


Where are you working and what are you studying now?

Nowadays I’m working as a home tutor. I’m going to further my studies by applying for a master’s degree programme abroad.

If you could learn absolutely anything in the world from an Alison course, what would it be?

It would be a course about soil microbiology.

What would you say to someone if they asked you about Alison? Would you recommend it and why?

I would definitely recommend Alison because I find Alison to be the best platform for online education.

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