We all need a little help sometimes. It might surprise you that nearly one in seven people worldwide suffer from mental health issues. With the advent of COVID-19 and remote working, and the strain placed on people returning to work after isolation and loss, looking after one’s mental health in the workplace is more important than ever before. Being the best you can be in the workplace starts with one simple step. 





According to this study by the CDC in America, mental health does not only affect our minds and moods in the workplace. Poor mental wellbeing also has physical effects. The most significant and detrimental consequences of not looking after your mental state at work are: 

  1. Low productivity and performance
  2. Not being able to focus on tasks 
  3. Lack of communication with colleagues 
  4. Not being able to function physically

Welliba & Alison 

Alison has partnered with Welliba, a digital platform committed to understanding and improving mental wellbeing in the workplace through psychometric testing. They believe that addressing the core issues of poor mental health at a company can improve employees’ physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Making these changes leads to a positive, productive and overall better environment.

In collaboration with Welliba, we’ve designed the Mental Health & Wellbeing Check-up, a free psychometric test that allows you to measure your emotional and physical wellbeing at work. Using the latest technology, you will be able to analyse and identify your strengths and the areas you need to work on. 

The first step to starting your mental health journey is having all of the information to hand. Our well-being test will take the guesswork out of how to get started caring for your well-being with a short assessment.

A Look at How Welliba and Alison Can Help You

Looking after your mental health at work is a pretty broad topic. 

We caught up with Lena, one of Welliba’s product experts to talk about the importance of mental health at work and how our Mental Health & Wellbeing Check-up can improve your work-life.

Why is it important for employees to look after their mental health? 

“On the preventative side, looking after their mental health prevents them from developing mental illness. Often, the first symptoms of mental illness appear years before the actual diagnosis, so they often go unnoticed. Therefore, detecting an emerging mental illness early on is highly desirable before becoming chronic.

Mental health is a goal: It feels good to be mentally healthy! There are more positive emotions and more enjoyment in your activities, both at work and in your personal life.

On the growth side, we know that mental health is connected to many positive and desirable outcomes: better physical health (mental and physical health are closely related), better relationships, more success in one’s career, better resilience in times of adversity and higher levels of creativity.”

Should businesses invest in their workforces’ mental well-being? 

“Absolutely. 61% of employees feel that their mental health negatively impacts their performance, and 81% of employees believe that businesses should enable a superior employee experience.

Employee wellbeing does/should not only address how a person is feeling and whether they are generally happy, but also whether they have the personal resources to realise their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. In return, wellbeing impacts sick leave, performance, productivity, engagement, learning agility etc.”

How can businesses look after their employees’ mental health?

“Businesses should empower employees to understand wellbeing, reflect on their wellbeing, and provide actionable and on-demand insights to plan their journey.

They can do this by providing the workforce with the tools to get self-insight – most employees have limited self-insight – and by understanding which interventions are needed on a company level, and offer these specific interventions (instead of just some kind of intervention, not knowing whether it addresses any needs present in the workforce).

This enables employees to take control and, at the same time, provides them with guidance, support and resources to act on their personal needs.”


How does the Mental Health & Wellness Checkup Work?

“The user answers questions on the different aspects of wellbeing and gets personalised feedback. This feedback provides a snapshot of the current wellbeing status of a person – the perfect start to kick off a wellbeing journey, getting hints and pointers on what aspects would have the most significant impact on the overall wellbeing of a person.

It is a tool for self-reflection that provides reliable, science-backed insights into the concept of wellbeing, explaining the relevant aspects of personal and work wellbeing. It also offers actionable insights and tips on where and how to start an individual wellbeing journey.”

What is workplace psychometric testing?

“It means assessing various characteristics of employees working in an organisation. This can, for example, be personality, cognitive ability (intelligence), motivation or wellbeing. The goal is to determine who would be the best fit for a particular job within the organisation for both external recruitment and internal promotion. For this, we usually measure cognitive ability and personality. Another goal is to determine which interventions would be appropriate for which employee. For example, who needs which kind of training, workshop, coaching, etc. We can look at ability, personality, motivation and wellbeing.

Good quality psychometric tests are developed on a sound scientific basis and evaluated according to predefined quality criteria.”

How does Welliba use psychometric testing to determine a person’s mental wellbeing? 

“We have a science-based model of wellbeing and developed a questionnaire assessing the aspects of this model. The wellbeing model looks at to what extent the person feels happy and good, but also at factors like meaning and purpose in life or quality of relationships.

The person answers questions on mood, sense of meaning, purpose or relationship quality. Based on this, we can provide the person with feedback on where they are on the different aspects of wellbeing and their overall wellbeing. Additionally, ideas on maintaining an already high level of wellbeing and improving areas that are not quite as strong yet are presented.”

In what ways can employees improve their mental health at work?

“Many internal factors impact wellbeing at work. How a person approaches situations and tasks, generates opportunities, utilises strengths, activates personal resources, deals with setbacks etc., are fundamental for wellbeing. The more a person is aware of their preferences, behavioural tendencies, motives, and abilities, the better they can address situations, shape their learning and development, and ultimately improve their wellbeing at work and in life.”

The Alison Mental Health & Wellness Test 

Alison is committed not just to free learning but to ensuring our Learners make the most of their studies and futures. Offering this free check-up is one of the ways we help people grow and make the most of their potential. 

The test allows you to discover what factors, mental, emotional and physical, contribute to your mental state and will show you how those factors influence your well being in the workplace and show you what constitutes mental wellbeing as a whole. 

We all have our own areas we need to work on. The check-up, insights, and recommendations will be tailored specifically to your needs. You will be able to choose how to work on the results. You may choose to focus on specific areas first or take it step by step from the beginning. It’s your journey, after all. Once you’re done, you will have everything you need to make the right decisions for your mental health and thrive at work. 

What are you waiting for? Take the test now!


Deciding to take care of your mind will improve your decision-making and organisation and help you deal with the daily pressures and stresses you face at work. You will feel better during the day, get more done, and generally be awesome.

So, take the test and start making the best of your workday every day. If you like our new wellness tool, we’d love for you to share it with your nearest and dearest, who can also enjoy the benefits. 


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