The pandemic has confirmed that workplace health and safety is essential for the successful day to day running, and long term survival, of a business. Employees are a companies most important resource and so it’s vital that their well being is protected. While many companies insist on employees taking a compulsory First Aid course, these are skills that need to be regularly refreshed in order to be effective.

Being able to contribute to the safety of a workplace is an exceptionally valuable skill that is extremely desirable in the labour market.

If you’re looking for a new job and want to give your CV a boost, a First Aid certificate will give you a real edge.


1. CPR, AED and First Aid

First Aid is easy to learn but could one day be a priceless skill to possess. This course is a must for all conscientious employees. This qualification should have pride of place on your CV as it marks you out as proactive, thoughtful and prepared.

2. First Aid Training in the Workplace

Accidents can happen in all workplaces and you should be prepared to help your colleagues should something go wrong. By taking this workplace-specific course, you’ll learn how to perform all of the necessary first response procedures, as well as how to make sure that any injured parties remain calm.

3. Advanced Cardiac Life Support

While defibrillator training is compulsory in some workplaces, you should make extra sure that you’re qualified to use one should the situation arise by taking this course. Cardiac Life Support (CLS) is easier to administer than it sounds as long as you’ve had the correct training.

4. Basic Life Support

This course will teach you how to stay calm and collected and administer the basic life support to someone in need of aid. Depending on the location of your workplace, the time of day, and the sector you work in, it might take the emergency services some time to reach you in the event of an accident. This course covers the essentials of being a first responder.


5. Practical Stress Management for Life & Work

Stress is one of the main health concerns in the world of work. By successfully learning how to manage and deal with your stress, you’ll find work a happier and more productive experience. This is an aid skill that can just as usefully be applied to yourself as it can to your colleagues. The ability to destress your coworkers is an invaluable skill and will mark you out as a leader.

6. Learn How to Use The 911, 999 & 112 Emergency Services Correctly

In an emergency, there’s no time to waste. Many accidents are made worse by first responders not knowing how to efficiently navigate the emergency services. This course outlines the different emergency services and explains which one you should call in specific situations.


If you want to build on your new First Aid skills and convert them into a career in the health industry, head to the Alison Career Guide to explore exciting job opportunities!

1. Public Health Educator

If you want to make a difference, few careers make as big an impact on public wellbeing as Public Health Educator. You can go from First Aid student, to First Aid teacher and pass on your new knowledge to students of your own.

2. Health and Safety Engineer

Behind every safe workplace, is an effective Health and Safety Engineer. This fascinating career can see you work across a broad range of sectors, as this skillset is valued in every industry. If you’ve got an interest in technology as well as health and safety then this is the course for you.

3. Health Service Manager

Our health services are kept running smoothly by the hard work and commitment of Health Service Managers operating behind the scenes. This is a career that requires a super-human attention span as well as an excellent eye for detail.

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