“My name is Jecho Wahiman. I’m from the Philippines and I have been working for an American manufacturing company for 15 years now. I didn’t finish my course in International Studies at a traditional university because I started working and didn’t have much time to follow a regular school schedule. I thought of the option of taking a home study programme and finished a Public Relations course back in 2004. I worked as a Radio DJ for 8 years and then moved to the corporate world after finishing my home study programme. I became acquainted with areas of knowledge like Customer Service, Operations and most recently Human Resources. That’s why I was interested in leveling up my knowledge. I chose to take Business and Legal Studies with Alison, to enhance my knowledge and understanding of business operations, particularly in Human Resource management.” 

How did you learn about Alison? What was your first course on Alison, and why did you choose it?

A friend from the US referred me to Alison and I was interested. I chose the Business and Legal Studies course to give me a better understanding about my work in Operations and Human Resources. The course I took on Alison helped me to better understand Operations Management, the Employee Cycle, and managing on a large scale within an organisation. The course impacted my work by broadening my knowledge of Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and understanding different Management Styles. It wasn’t a case of overnight learning. Learning was a day to day process. One of the reasons I’m thankful for choosing the programme is that it bettered my understanding of the different styles of how to manage an organisation. 

How have Alison courses affected your career?

The classroom is not the only method of learning. The world is changing now and going to a traditional school is not necessarily the only option to gain more knowledge or earn a diploma. The career path pursued by those who graduated from a traditional school is the same career path pursued by people who graduate from home study programmes, such as those offered by Alison. Climbing up the ladder in the corporate world is a matter of your agility and perseverance when it comes to learning. Learning is my real job.

What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

I relax from studying by making sure to apply what I am studying.


Where are you working now?

I am working in an American manufacturing company in Manila. I’m now an Assistant Manager in Human Resources. I also manage Learning & Development in the organisation. 

What’s next for you, in terms of education or work? 

I am looking for a diploma in Organisation Development. I want to be equipped with Organisation Development skills because these are important skills needed to execute changes in culture, environment, technologies, personnel, etc. The dynamics in an organisation are constantly changing. It’s an ongoing challenge which makes me interested to study organisation development further, and apply it to the job.

If you could learn absolutely anything in the world from an Alison course, what would it be?

The key to learning is the application of what I have learned no matter what the subject is. I am fortunate to have Alison as my partner in learning.

Join Jecho in becoming an Alison graduate in Business and Legal Studies!

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