By Priya P. – Stress is a part of life, but sometimes it can be way too big a part. Sometimes, it might feel like stress can take over everything. If you have too much to do, or have a big worry on your mind, anxiety can come into every other moment of your day. This constant strain can make life feel a lot heavier than it should. So how can you destress when life just becomes a little overwhelming?

There are ways to help make your days a little easier. I’ve been there myself, and was surprised to learn that really little things can make a big difference to the day. I’m not an expert, but here’s a quick list of tricks that help me destress when I feel a little overwhelmed.

1. Make a plan, and then think in the moment

A major source of stress is having too many things to do. Sometimes, you can’t change the fact that you have to do all these things. But, we don’t actually have to think about all of these things at the same time. At the start of your day, make a plan for the day. After that, only think about the thing you are doing right now. You don’t have to think about all that other stuff until you are finished the current task.

2. Listen to some comedy whenever you can

Laughing, I think, is the single biggest stress reliever in the world. If you laugh now and then, it can really improve your overall mood. Download some stand-up comedy on your phone and listen to it on your commute, your lunch break, or while working on something that isn’t too hard. If you’re at home, put something funny on the TV and just leave it in the background. You might only catch one or two funny bits, but they are worth it.

3. Destress? Drink tea!

“But I don’t like tea!” That’s what I said, but it turns out there is a huge range of teas out there. Ginger, camomile, green, turmeric, fruit flavoured, assam – there is a flavour for everyone! Tea is not only healthy, it’s also really relaxing. Even if you drink while working, taking slow sips of a warm, tasty drink can slow your heart rate and just calm you down that little bit.

4. Record the good things

When you’re stressed, your brain will actually forget the positive things in your life. I find that taking pictures of good moments, or writing them down even in a note in my phone, really helps. In the evening, or when you are feeling too overwhelmed, check your photo gallery or notes. You just might be surprised at the good things that happened this week.

5. Talk to people, they can help!

These are just my tips, which I’ve learned from experience. The thing is, almost everyone has experience with managing stress. Talk to your friends and family, and see what advice they have. You never know what you might learn.

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