There’s more to Alison than you think! 

Free Education, Career Guidance, Mental Wellness, and Affiliate Income.

Alison offers more than just free online courses. We provide a comprehensive platform for lifelong learning, career development, and earning money online through our Alison Affiliate Programme.

Empower Yourself and Others with Free Education

At Alison, we believe everyone deserves access to quality education. Our free courses cover various topics, from business and technology to healthcare and personal development. By joining the Alison Affiliate Programme, you can:

  • Earn money online for every new learner you introduce to Alison.
  • Empower yourself by gaining valuable new skills and knowledge.
  • Empower others in your community and around the world by promoting free education.

How to Earn While You Learn with the Alison Affiliate Programme

The Alison Affiliate Programme is a simple and rewarding way to generate income online. Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring New Learners to Alison: Register and share your unique affiliate link through social media, email, or your website. A Global Share button will allow you to share any Alison page directly in the future. 
  2. Get Rewarded: Earn 20% of the revenue generated by the new learners you refer to Alison.
  3. Track your Progress: Monitor your earnings and learner activity on your dedicated Affiliate Dashboard.  
  4. Get Paid: Once your online earnings reach €100, we’ll send your payment via PayPal (with more options coming soon).

Additional Ways to Earn on Alison

  • Refer Friends: Introduce your friends and family to Alison using your unique link and earn money. Learn more
  • Earn Discounts on Certificates and Diplomas: Refer friends and enjoy 50% off your diplomas and certificates. Details here
  • Teach on Alison: Join the Publishing Team as a Course Creator or Self-publisher. Learn how

Key Benefits of the Alison Affiliate Programme

Becoming an Alison Affiliate brings multiple benefits. 

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Quick and Free to Join

You can sign up for the Alison Affiliate Programme in under a minute and begin earning immediately. With no lengthy processes or fees, it’s a walk in the park that will leave you enough time to stop and smell the roses.

Earn Money as You Gain Experience

The more learners you bring in, the more money you will see in your bank account. It’s that simple. Fancy yourself as a marketing whiz? Show off and hone those skills by bringing in as many new learners as possible. In the meantime, brush up with a few marketing courses yourself.

Paid Business Referrals

When you refer a Paid Business Customer to Alison, we still pay out 20% of the revenue generated. The upside of convincing a business to use our Alison Business offering is that you could increase your monthly income substantially. After all, businesses generate a lot of income.

Game On!

Attractions coming soon to the Affiliate programme: We are making it even more interactive and fun. Each time one of your new learners completes an action, such as signing up, enrolling in, completing a course or purchasing a Certificate, you will get points. There will be badges to unlock as you build up points. You’ll be able to see your progress and compete against others to head to the top of the affiliate leaderboard.

We’ll Help You Help Yourself

We’ll provide you with a marketing toolkit that includes everything you need to help you spread the word about the joys and benefits of online learning and all the other services we offer at Alison. If you wish to explore the Affiliate Programme in greater detail, there are free weekly webinars that you can join to have all your questions answered.

Why You’d Be a Great Alison Affiliate

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Here are at least three reasons why you are a perfect fit for the Alison Affiliate community:

  1. You’re a Passionate Learner: Share your love for Alison’s free courses and help others unlock their potential.
  2. You’re Social Media Savvy: Promote Alison across your social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
  3. You’re Driven to Help Others: Empower individuals and groups to achieve their goals through free education.

Ready to make a difference and earn money while you learn? Sign up for the Alison Affiliate Programme today!



Earning potential with the Alison Affiliate Programme can vary and depends on several factors, including the number of users you refer and their engagement with Alison courses. We cannot guarantee any specific income level. This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. You are responsible for conducting your own research and due diligence before joining any affiliate program.

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