English is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, with the second-highest number of native speakers and the highest number of total speakers when accounting for second language use. With such an enormous scope, it should come as no surprise that there’s an endless amount to know about this fascinating language. We’ve put together three great courses that showcase the depth and diversity of this amazing language. Even native speakers will be surprised at how much there is to learn!


Vocabulary is at the heart of every language, and few languages can compare to the vast vocabulary boasted by English. Most native speakers are not at all aware of the full range of English words that are out there. The history of a language is contained in its words so if you’re not just in learning more English, but in learning more about English, then expanding your vocabulary is the perfect way to get started.


English grammar can be very intimidating, even if it’s your first language! Many native speakers don’t recognise the grammatical rules they follow when they speak and almost certainly don’t know the various grammatical terms for different types of words and structures. However, every time you speak English you are utilising an incredibly complicated and fascinating network – grammar!


For those with an interest in the literary use of language, English offers a particularly rich tradition of world famous poets, novelists and dramatists. From the works of famed playwrights such as William Shakespeare to those of revered novelists such as Charles Dickens, English literature is one of the greatest treasure troves in any language!

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