Soft Skills are becoming increasingly essential for career success and mobility. If you’re looking for a quickfire way to invest in your future, then adding these soft skill diplomas to your CV will mark you out to potential employers as a personable team player and someone they’ll want as part of their business.

Some job-seekers make the mistake of thinking soft skills aren’t skills but ‘qualities’ that can’t be taught. However, as these courses show, soft skills can be acquired like any other skillset as long as you have a desire to learn and quality educational resources.

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1. Diploma in Business Communication Skills

The number one soft skill every employee needs, regardless of industry, is excellent communication skills. Our Diploma in Business Communication Skills is a CV essential as it shows employers that you value this vital asset and have taken steps to make sure that there’s never a communication breakdown.

2. Group Communication, Teamwork and Leadership

In order to stand out in the labor market, unique skill sets are invaluable. However most employers prefer to have team players in their company rather than gifted individuals who can’t work with others. That makes teamwork an essential skill requirement for every job-seeker in the market. Being able to work well with others means increased workplace harmony and greater productivity for a business.

3. Diploma in Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is becoming increasingly valued in the workplace as society places more of an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. Developing your emotional intelligence has countless benefits for you and your colleagues. If a workplace is composed of individuals with high emotional intelligence, it becomes a much happier, and thus more productive, space.

4. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to deal with difficulties as they arise and think on your feet is a skill that will set you apart at work and mark you out as potential management material. When the system crashes, or your coworker is out sick, or the supply lines are down, the employee who can rise to the occasion and solve the problems in front of them with creative solutions will be the one the boss turns to in the future when they need answers.

5. Ultimate Time Management

Effective time management is what underpins productiveness and shows that you care about your work and take it seriously. This can be a difficult skill to master, however this course teaches you everything you need to know to become a punctual and productive employee.

6. Introduction to Conflict Management and Negotiation

The workplace is not always a happy place and conflict management and the ability to negotiate are skills that can go a long way in improving the office’s quality of life. This skillset will make you out as a leader as many individuals are conflict averse and so never upskill in this crucial area. However a workplace cannot function efficiently if there isn’t someone there to iron out the wrinkles.

7. Customer Service Skills

Any client-facing role requires you to be sympathetic and understanding with clients who might not always be easy to manage! This course outlines the various methods you can apply when dealing with the wide range of clients you’ll be confronted with in a public role.

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