Alison is delighted to announce the launch of our Workplace Personality Assessment.

The first in our new line of Psychometric Evaluations, the Workplace Personality Assessment can help you find the perfect career by identifying the jobs best suited to you. This assessment also highlights your workplace strengths, as well as pinpointing your weaknesses and directing you to the right Alison courses that will help you address them.



If you’re starting out in the world or work, interested in a change in profession, or simply considering a career move you might make in the future, the Workplace Personality Test will guarantee you make the right decision.

Like all Alison courses, our Psychometric Evaluations are all absolutely free. 

Alison is the home of online learning and so we’re thrilled to offer our learners the chance to learn about an entirely new topic: themselves!

Click here to try our Workplace Personality Assessment and start learning about the next steps to take on your career path.

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