Alison is delighted to announce the acquisition of Dash Beyond, an Indian edutech company that aids job-seekers in achieving their desired career by helping them make informed education and career decisions.

Through its interactive career encyclopedia, Dash Beyond uses educational cinema and gamified career exploration to help individuals make better choices about their future education and careers. Once users have chosen a career they wish to pursue, the “Dash Beyond Maps” feature recommends to users which school subjects, online courses and skills they should prioritise to achieve their desired career. Dash Beyond also showcases available career opportunities.

The Dash Beyond career encyclopedia can be explored through three unique interfaces: one each for schools, parents and students or those re-entering the job market.

Both Alison and Dash Beyond are excited by the acquisition, as the two companies share a vision and a means of achieving it. Like Alison, Dash Beyond is free to use, with revenue being generated through advertising and premium services.

The intended plan for the merger is to utilise Dash Beyond’s career encyclopedia as a tool for recommending courses to Learners who are pursuing a particular career. As such, the acquisition greatly enhances Alison’s capacity to help Learners identify the courses they need to succeed on their chosen career paths.


“By leveraging Dash Beyond’s expertise in gamified learning, career information and research, Alison can offer even more to our millions of learners worldwide,” says Mike Feerick, Alison CEO and Founder. “Combined with our free learning, publishing, and career-focused psychometric offerings for both B2C and B2B, Dash Beyond will help Alison to achieve our ambition of building the world’s leading end to end empowerment platform, accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free in any language”

Aakaanksh Pothukutchi, Dash Beyond’s CEO, is also inspired by the development. “Because we share in Alison’s mission to make free education accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic background and educational level, the decision to become part of a platform that reaches more than 19 million people across the globe, came easy. We are delighted to join Alison, and to have this unique opportunity to use gamified learning, psychometrics, skills-based assessments and job matching algorithms to enable anyone, anywhere to uplift and empower themselves by pursuing their education and career dreams.”

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