Dr Eurika Mogane is a Health and Wellness Practitioner with a background in medical science. Eurika, from South Africa, has inspired countless individuals (including many Alison Learners) with her incredible story of empowerment and success. Through hard work and commitment, Eurika leveraged various educational opportunities to gain a series of impressive qualifications, including a doctorate.

Her journey has been recognised by a variety of national organisations and Eurika is always keen to encourage others to seize the opportunities that education affords. Eurika spoke to the Alison Blog about her career as a medical professional, outlining the challenges and highlighting the best parts.


Hi Eurika! Did you always want to be a medical professional? If so, what attracted you to the job?

When I was in primary school I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. I still enjoy sketching. I got into the medical industry because I wanted to work in a lab. I wanted to know how viruses and diseases adapt and affect people and that’s when I got into Medical Sciences.

What has been your path to your current job?

My path to my current job was not an easy one at all. I hold qualifications in business management, journalism and entrepreneurship and have spent some time in those industries while studying part time for my medical certifications. Many of the people I worked with were confused and couldn’t understand how I was juggling both the corporate world and my passion for the medical industry. The truth is that those disciplines allowed me to save up and pay for my medical studies.

What has been the most important skill you’ve had to develop as a medical professional?

Patience! I have seen that in any industry patience is key. In my line of work right now as a Health and Wellness Practitioner, it’s very important that I am patient with myself, my patients, their conditions and the solutions we are bringing to bear.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a Health and Wellness Practitioner, my usual day is as follows: I wake up in the morning and pray and read my devotionals. I have a look at my schedule for the day and go through the list of patients I need to see. Once at work, I ensure that my therapy rooms are set up and ready to offer support. With new patients, I go through their intake forms with them, check their medical history and discuss their current condition. Then I proceed with various therapy treatments to help them. For return patients, I follow up on their current state of health and offer counselling, support and various therapy treatments. I then ensure that the practice’s social media is up to date with our current offers and available supports. I also meet with the chief medical professional to discuss cases and how to proceed with them. Done for the day, I then head home to spend time with my husband.


What skill do you have to use the most in a typical day?

Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Why would you encourage our Learners to choose your profession?

As a Health and Wellness Practitioner, I offer holistic support to my patients. Along with physical health care treatments, I offer timely mental health care that gives the patient an understanding of what they are going through. This profession allows me to be my own boss as I am able to manage my time and my work. The flexibility allows me to also ensure that I can continue up-skilling daily. I have certified as a Colon Hydrotherapy Practitioner and as a Trauma Counselor as well. I have also added Medical Nutritional Therapy to the support offerings for my patients.

If you could recommend our Learners to upskill in one area in order to become a successful medical professional, what would it be?

Being a successful medical professional requires you to know how to manage your own mental health! Be sure to take time off, be sure to debrief when supporting traumatic cases and be patient with yourself.

What’s the best part about your career?

The one-on-one, personalized interactions with patients. There can be no one size fits all approach in medicine. Every person who comes in is treated according to their unique needs.

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