We’ve just lived through a working from home revolution and it’s not over yet! The pandemic has seen millions of employees around the world relocate from their traditional workspaces to the comfort of their own homes. Many of them have now got a taste for the new situation. No commute and a better work life balance, what’s not to like?

The next phase of the working from home revolution has already started, as individuals are taking the entrepreneurial decision to start their own business and stay working at home, rather than return to the office.

To help empower these go-getters, we’ve put together a list of 7 great careers that allow you to both be the boss and work from home!


Website Developer

As a Website Developer you can either earn from home or become a digital nomad! With e-Commerce continuing to grow, you’ll have no shortage of clients as companies in every sector devote more and more energy to their online business. Our Diploma in Website Development covers all of the vital coding languages you need to build quality websites for satisfied customers.


Clever and persuasive copy is always in short supply so if you’ve got a way with words then freelance copywriting is a great career opportunity. With the growth of online advertising, companies now need bespoke copy for an ever-growing range of different platforms. Our incredibly popular course on How to Write Persuasive Content will teach you how to use words to grab a reader’s attention, describe products attractively, and convert their interest into sales.

Website Designer

Every company needs an eye-catching website to attract and grow business. If you’ve got the know-how when it comes to website design then you’ll be in constant demand. HTML Web Design is the most important skill for a Website Designer to master as it’s the most widely used programming language for creating websites. This invaluable course also covers the basics of both CSS and JavaScript.


The beauty industry is traditionally one of the few recession-proof sectors so this a great choice for a career you can do from home. If you’ve got a passion for fashion then you could make great money from doing what you love. Our course in Manicure Treatment is a great place to start your professional training as a beautician.


Childcare Worker

Childcare is a vocation and if you’ve got it then caring for children is an incredibly rewarding career. Your home will also get a boost of youthful energy if you turn it into a crèche! This course on Childcare and EYFS is an absolute must for anyone going into the childcare business as it covers crucial subjects like safety and wellbeing.

Social Media Marketer

If you have the inside track on how to successfully manage social media then you’re hot property in the labour market. Businesses will be queueing to hire you to oversee their social media presence. Our Diploma in Social Media Strategy covers all of the major platforms and provides detailed information on how to successfully launch and monitor your social media campaigns.

Landscape Architect

Working from home and outdoors? This career gives you the best of both worlds. If you love working outside and have a creative side that needs expressing, then landscaping is the perfect career for you. The Diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance will teach you everything you need to know about working with the wide variety of materials that a successful landscape architect needs to master.

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