In a world where time is king, being more productive with your day is the key to success.

Here are Alison’s top 5 tips to make you more productive with your day.

Step away from the email

Being on call via email throughout your workday can derail even the most diligent of workers. Set aside specific times to check your mail, say first thing in the morning and just before you leave work. That way, you stay connected, but you’re not distracted from your work on an ongoing basis throughout the day, letting you be more productive.

Look after yourself

Pushing yourself to the max might help you achieve today, but if this becomes a pattern, burnout could be just around the corner. Possibly the most important part of being productive is to be in good shape – physically and mentally. So get enough good quality sleep, eat well and exercise. You’ll be refreshed, refueled and de-stressed.


Whether it’s through ten minutes of meditation in the morning and evening, or simply reminding yourself to breathe deeply throughout the day, getting some oxygen into your brain will keep you more alert, centered, and working more productively.

Plan Your Tasks around your Energy Levels

In order to be more productive, you need to use your energy levels to your advantage. If you have the most energy in the morning, get your most pressing and most demanding tasks done first. Leave the less taxing work for when your energy wanes in the late afternoon. If your energy does start to slump, go for a walk, get a glass of water, or have a healthy snack. You’ll feel more refreshed and ready to take on the next task with gusto.

Take note

Keep notes of all your to-dos as a means of brain dumping, clearing your mind so you can focus on the task at hand. Writing a to-do list for the next day just before you leave work is another great way to be more productive and brain dump. For those who take their work home with them? Keep a notebook beside your bed and write down everything that’s on your mind, work-related and personal. You’ll be in a better position to take on the world in a more productive way the next day.

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