Online streaming services mean that it’s never been simpler to listen to music. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, all of your favourite songs are available at the click of a button. But it’s not just listening to music that has become easier than ever before. Thanks to Alison’s free online courses, learning an instrument has also never been more accessible.

You can use the same device you use to listen to your favourite bands – whether it’s your phone, tablet or laptop – to learn a new musical skill by trying out one of these great courses. We’ve got all musical topics covered, from the theory needed to be a great songwriter to hands-on practical courses taught by world class musicians. Whatever your musical taste, we know that you’ll love these musical offerings, which include the first courses from Alison’s new World Music Project!

Traditional Irish Guitar

The guitar is an incredibly diverse instrument that can showcase a wide variety of musical styles, from blues to jazz to an endless range of traditional musical idioms. Alison’s Traditional Irish Guitar | Beginner 1 course will introduce you to the vibrant world of Irish music by teaching you the basics of traditional guitar playing. The guitar is a well-established element of Irish musical culture, usually in an accompanying role. This course will open up countless opportunities for playing music by making you welcome in any “trad session” you come across!

Melody and Harmony

Ever wonder why some songs are just so catchy? What is the secret behind making a song that listeners simply can’t get out of their heads? While writing the perfect song isn’t an exact science, there’s a lot more objective knowledge on the subject than you might think. Alison’s Music Theory: Melody and Harmony course will provide you with the dos and the don’ts of songwriting by revealing the secrets behind creating a catchy melody.

Sean-nós Singing

Traditional Irish Sean-nós singing is an ancient and respected musical tradition, with a heritage going back hundreds of years. Taught by award-winning sean-nós singer Nell Ní Chróinín, the Traditional Irish Sean-nós Singing | Beginner 1 course will initiate you into the rich culture of traditional unaccompanied singing. Nell’s expert advise will guide you from being a complete beginner to being able to perform a sean-nós song with confidence.


Musical Theory

With an emphasis on classical music, the Diploma in Music Theory covers a broad range of topics, including instruments, rhythm, melody, harmony, and musical form. It also looks at standard techniques of classical performance and the ways in which classical music influences other genres of music. This is a great course to take in conjunction with a traditional Irish course as it will allow you to see how different musical genres interact and play off each other.

Traditional Irish Fiddle

Alison’s Traditional Irish Fiddle | Beginner 1 is taught by Doireann Ní Ghlacáin, an expert not just in the instrument itself but in the history and culture of Irish traditional music. Her courses are full of her love and passion for this unique genre of music, which she has been dedicated to since she was a child. By taking this course in traditional fiddle playing you won’t just be gaining a new skill, you’ll be learning a fascinating cultural history.

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